Application Vraith Assassin/Tank

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Application Vraith Assassin/Tank Empty Application Vraith Assassin/Tank

Post by Vraith11 on Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:55 am

Btag : Vraith#1976
Time zone: UTC 1+ Stockholm
Role: Ranged Assassin/Melee Assassin/Tank/Off-Tank

My Hotslogs hasnt Updated in some time and I could have higher if I just played my favorit champs. But I believe that you become a better player if you understand all champs and know their weaknessess.

MMR In Quick match: 2942
MMR in Hero: 2822 Rank 1
MMR in Team: None
Experience: Played LoL alot ! And now im Rank 1 in Hots and want to improve with a team.

I can easily play 3-4 night a week, late nights are no problem for me. The only catch is that I cant play before 20:00 because I got kids and I dont play on the computer when they are awake.

Easy going guys, absolutely not a rager. Look at my own mistakes first instead of my teammates, and usually learn from my mistakes Razz


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Application Vraith Assassin/Tank Empty Re: Application Vraith Assassin/Tank

Post by Izrahfil on Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:54 pm

Greetings Vraith,

I will get with you in the morning (around the time you posted this). I have added you on friendslist, so if your on and see me pm (if i dont reply im afk).


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